1. What is your max capacity?

300 for Seated Dinners/Luncheons with a Dance Floor, 350 without a dance floor and 400 for theater seating without tables in the case of presentations, master classes, workshops etc.

2. What is your guest count minimum for events?

We do not have guest count minimums instead contract spend minimums depending on the day of the week and month of the year. Details available upon request.

3. How late can events go and how early can they start?

We do not have a curfew, we own the building which means we can do about anything in here and whenever we want - limited of course to California law.

4. How much time do we have before the event for set up?

6 Hours of Setup Prior to Event for Nighttime Affairs and 2 Hours for Daytime events. Exceptions may apply based on complexity of setup.

5. How much time do we have after the event for strike?

We allocate one hour to strike, again exceptions may apply in the case of larger and more extensive design/rental setups. 

6. Can we do a prior day set up or next day breakdown? 

Pre-Day setups and post day strikes are an option depending on availability but do require a fee. 

7. Do you offer kids meals?

Yes we do and of course kids meals are discounted to adult meals. 

8. Do you set up vendor tables?

Yes we will of course accommodate vendors with their own tables and food/beverage service. 

9. Do you have a lighting system and sound system?

Yes we do have an upgraded club vibes lighting system that is operated by our in house tech, sound system is limited to background music in our restrooms and lobbies - entertainment (Band/DJ) is required to bring in their own sound system for ballrooms.

10. Which venue has a larger capacity the Black or the White?

Both rooms are very similar in size with the same capacity. White Ballroom is on the ground floor and the Black Banquet is in the penthouse.

11. What is the price difference between the White Ballroom and Black Banquet?

No price difference. The difference is a matter of aesthetics. 

12. When do you need to know the final guest count of the event?

2 Weeks prior to the event date is when all of your final details and final payment is due.

13. Do you offer ceremony services for Weddings or other event types?

Yes whether it be for a wedding pre-reception or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or any other event that needs a ceremony pre-party we can definitely accommodate. We can either Flip the Room starting with Ceremony setup and then converting to reception or you can book the entire property and have a dedicated venue for ceremony and another for reception with access to both of our bar lounges and outdoor patios. Ask our booking coordinators for more details.

14. How can I hold the space?

We do not hold dates without a signed contract and deposit. We can, however, hold the date for 24 hours after an in person walk-through if you ask nicely in order to give you time to gather deposit funds and signatures. 

15. Is there a price difference between the months or dates? Do you have a busy or slow season?

Depending on the week Friday/Sunday will have promotional pricing vs a Saturday, plus Monday-Thursday is further discounted to Friday/Sunday as our best rates do occur on the Weekdays. As far as seasons go, we do not offer any discounts for a specific month of the year - our pricing stays the same year around with increases in pricing on Holidays such as NYE, Memorial & Labor Day Weekends. 

16. Do you provide a wedding coordinator?

No, but you are recommended to hire at least a day of coordinator for your event. Our event producers will make sure to execute all of the items on our contract but are not responsible for managing your hired-on outside vendors.

17. I’ve heard your chef is amazing and that your catering and service are top notch?

You’ve heard right, we do take a lot of pride in our food and beverage services as we are chef owned and operated. 

18. What kind of cuisine do you offer?

We are an international kitchen - we run a seasonal menu inspired by Mediterranean, Latin American and Asian cuisines with flavors profiles from around the globe. Our kitchen staff can even create a custom menu for you & can match almost any dish you throw at them. Southern Comfort, Texas BBQ and Italian twists are not uncommon in these parts.  

19. Do you offer cake cutting, tea/coffee & fruit service? 

Yes we do, bring us a cake and we will cut it and serve it with tea, coffee & fresh fruit after lunch or dinner. We can also set up a station for you with our fancy urns, platters, tables, linens, china and serving utensils displaying the sweets for guests to self serve.

20. How long have you folks been open?

We launched on April 19th 2014. Over 2000 successful events held in 10 years and counting. 4.9 Stars On Yelp.

21. Do you guys do Armenian/Persian/Russian style catering?

If you are referring to family style with loads of food on the tables, endless refills, bottles of wine/liquor on the tables and an absolute feast running all night - then yes. And while we do offer our own creative version of kabobs and middle eastern classics - our menu is not limited to one culture of cuisine - it’s instead the food of the world. Plus we do some badass buffet setups, stations (seafood towers, crostini bars, live sushi, grazing boards, plexi-glass dessert displays and so much more!).

22. Do you guys have an outdoor patio?

Yes we are located on a 1 acre property with our own giant parking lot and outdoor patios for smoking, lounging, food and beverage service etc. We can even do an entire outdoor setup for ceremony services and/cocktail hour. Outdoor rental and setup fees do apply. 

23. You say you guys offer rentals and are all inclusive. Can you be more detailed?

Of course, so to start we have all sorts of tables, two colors of chairs, staging, dance floors, furnished bars with cocktail tables, couches, coffee tables and all sorts of plants and trees for decoration. Not to mention almost all the plateware, glassware, utensils and serving dishes you can imagine. Plus all of these things are included with our catering package at no fee. And, we also recently added Candle Light Centerpieces, Silk Florals and Uplights to our decor upgrades list at super affordable rates. We even make our own in-house baklava for dessert plus we have exclusive valet and security teams. We can essentially run the entire event for you if you please. Or we can just open the doors and give you the space and you can piece together all of it. We offer the full spectrum.

24.Typically what do your event packages include?

Our packages are all-inclusive with venue space plus wait staff, bartenders, security, valet, cleaning & setup crew + event managers. Optional catering packages are offered by our in-house culinary team. 

25. Do you include rentals in your event packages?

Yes, in all our packages, we include in-house rentals: specialty linens, chiavari chairs, china, silverware, glassware, 66" tables and 4'x8' tables.

26. Do you allow outside catering?

Yes! You can book your event at Vertigo, we hook you up with the space and in-house rentals and you can bring in your own caterer.

27. Do you allow BYOB?

Yes, You can bring your own bottles with a corkage fee. 

28. Do you offer tasting?

Our food game is on point, and it's got everyone talking. We do offer tastings based on a minimum event budget and you can invite up to 6 guests too - choose wisely.

29. What events can you host at Vertigo?

We are equipped to host a wide variety of events: weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, concerts, trade shows, pop-ups, comedy nights, celebrity events, engagements, birthdays, corporate events, seminars, and anniversaries. Whatever the occasion, we're ready to bring in the magic.